What to Expect for Your Minsu Stay in Cingjing, Taiwan

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Firstly, what’s a minsu?

Similar to a B&B (bed & breakfast), guesthouse or farmstay, a minsu in Taiwan generally refers to a homestay kind of accommodation. It is mostly run like family property, with seperate units for guests. Your neighbours might be fellow travellers or even locals. A minsu is a good chance for you to get a taste of local life, and is a very popular choice of accommodation in Taiwan.

In January 2016, I stayed at a minsu called Starry House Nantou (also called Starry Minsu) in Cingjing, Nantou, near Taichung in Taiwan, and this post is a review of my stay, largely based on that experience.

At 2,106 metres above sea level, Starry House is the highest minsu in Cingjing. Public buses do not go up until that altitude, so only privately owned cars or vans can go all the way up. The tiny road that leads into Starry House from the main road, was, in fact, steep and narrow. I was glad my driver was a very experienced driver!

Some of the things you can expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing

Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

Colder weather & perhaps even snow*

*Dependent on month you’re visiting. I was there end of January.

Due to its high altitude, Cingjing can be a cold place to be at, especially where the peaks are at (such as Joy Mountain aka 合欢山 (11,207 ft)). When we drove up to Cingjing in the daytime (end-January), the temperature was easily 0-2 degrees outdoors. At one point, it was snowing where we were at the mountains. This year’s January was also the time the cold surge hit countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Check the weather before your trip.

If it snows, the roads will turn slippery and cars need to add snow tyres to the wheels. The road might be closed too when authorities step in.

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
snow at Starry House minsu, Jan 2016 (1-2 weeks before my trip, see end of entry for photo credits)

Cingjing is especially cold in the early morning and at night. When the sun is out, the temperature will rise significantly. I got up very early to catch the sunrise, but not before putting on my sweaters and jacket =D
What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

No in-room aircon/heaters

Honestly, it came quite as a surprise for me to discover this, but there was absolutely no heater in the room at all. There’s no aircon unit that can blow out hot air out either. Which means the room is coldddd. I went to read up about other Cingjing minsus afterwards and found out this is actually a common phenomenon. If you have young kids, be fast in preparing them for and after showers in order to not have them catch a chill. There’s the usual water-heater in the bathroom for showering.

Mattresses come with electric heating pads underneath the bedsheets, which you can control using a switch. It was very comfortable to lie in bed. I felt so glad to be sleeping in a warm bed at night!

To keep warm inside the room, you either need to keep your thick jackets on, or stay snuggled under the covers.

Basic, none-lavish room amenities

Amenities inside your room will be basic and minimal. There’s TV in the room though, although I didn’t take a photo. Hot drinking water is available from the reception. The only thing to do in the room is to snuggle under the bedsheets and watch TV and fall asleep.

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
(faces blocked out for privacy reason)

No lifts or elevators

Families travelling with elderly people need to note this especially. Even the popular minsus including Starry House and Misty Villa do not come with lifts. Your minsu room could be at level 1.. or level 4 (for other minsus). You could be lugging your luggage up to a few levels to your room.

The lady owner of Starry House very kindly gave us a room for 6 people at the ground level although there were just 4 of us, so that my elderly parents didn’t have to climb the steps, though from what I see, the highest here was level 2.

No facilities

Other than TV in the room, and WIFI, you could perhaps take a walk outside if it’s not too cold. Over here, there’s no gyms, no heated swimming pools.

No flushing of toilet papers is allowed

Due to the location being high up in the mountains, plumbing is an issue. When checking in, we were told to not flush used toilet papers into the toilet bowl, or risk choking it. Thrash them into the rubbish bin in the toilet instead. This is something I can never get used to overseas =S

Make a guess who didn’t dare to poop at the minsu room? Hahaha.

(Maybe) Bugs & flying insects

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
That’s our room!

I’ve seen reviews sharing moths or cockroach-like bugs that will be in your room if you didn’t shut the doors or windows properly. Thankfully, we didn’t encounter any of those creepy-crawlies. My room came with a wooden door as well as an additional screen-door.

No housekeeping

Like other kinds of homestays / rented apartments / AirBNBs not just in Cingjing alone, if you’re staying for more than one night, don’t expect housekeeping in the morning while you’re out of the room. A minsu is not a hotel. I only stayed for a night so I didn’t verify but I’m pretty sure they don’t do housekeeping during your stay. Do check with your minsu for confirmation!

And now for the good!

Peace and quietness

Away from the city, there were no vehicle noises, no screaming children, no adults throwing tantrums; it was generally quiet and peaceful to be at the minsu. I totally enjoyed short walks to the common patio for amazing views over the whole of Cingjing!

Fresh mountain air & being near nature!

Felt so good to inhale the freshness of the mountain air! And to listen to the sounds of nature when the sun is out, and water dripping down streams somewhere somehow. Ahhhh lovely.

Warm, welcoming minsu owners

The owners were very hospitable and warm people! I had engaged a driver for my trip, so I didn’t need other transport services, but from reviews I read, the minsu-owners will be more than happy to help you arrange transport to attractions downhill such as to Green Green Grasslands or Swiss Gardens.

I’m not sure if the owners speak English though, as my bookings via the website and emails as well as verbal conversations were fully in Mandarin. You can try.

A homely kind of decoration style

Staying at a minsu feels almost like you’re staying at a relative’s house. The decor is homely and charming. Look at the corridor! Don’t you feel like just sitting there and appreciating the moment? (Except it was too cold when I went.)

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
my Mum relaxing outside our room (face blocked for privacy)

Greeneries everywhere

Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
the road to the carpark behind the building

Plants, trees, shrubs, flowerpots and agricultural crops down the hills, a minsu stay gives you a good chance to get close to nature’s products.What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

Home-made food

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

It’s really awesome to have a delicious, homely style of steamboat for dinner when the weather is chilly outside! This amount of food was prepared ahead by the minsu and was more than sufficient for the four of us. All we had to do was to cook them in the steamboat.

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

For breakfast, there weren’t any hotel-like buffet spreads, but tasty toast, fruits, sandwiches and coffee prepared by the kitchen helpers.

Sunrises, sunsets, stars overhead, highlands underneath

Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

These are the kinds of activities you can expect at your minsu (*subject to weather conditions). I watched the sun rise over the mountains at the common patio outside my room at Starry House, but if you’ll like, you can join a tour to catch the sunrise at Joy Mountain. Arrange it with the minsu owners the night before.

Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
stretching in reverse Warrior yoga pose along with the sun
What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess
sunset from the minsu

Disconnection from the outside world,
to connect with the people you’re with

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite WanderessAlthough there’s WIFI at Starry House minsu, the atmosphere, the surroundings were too lovely to neglect if you turn your attention to the phone. With the sun out, it was a lovely temperature to be outdoors, where you can sit with your family, travel companions or other travellers who are also staying at the minsu.

Amazing Views
Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

I don’t even need to elaborate on this. View my pictorial entry of Cingjing here!

Overall, my minsu stay in Cingjing was quite an experience in itself and I’ll recommend for anyone a stay for one night!

Hope this post gives you good insight on what you can expect from staying at a Taiwanese minsu in Cingjing!

Featured minsu in Cingjing: Starry House Nantou 清境觀星園景觀山莊
Visited: Jan 2016

What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

Additional reads about minsu accommodation in Taiwan: Web in TravelTravel Weekly Asia
Image credits: snow scene is taken from Starry House’s Facebook. All other photos were taken by me (if of me, it’s by my brother).

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What to expect for your minsu stay in Cingjing, Taiwan • The Petite Wanderess

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